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Brake drag??

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Yachtman Avatar
Yachtman Robert K
Stuart, FL, USA   USA
Hello all,
I've noticed recently that my spider would pull to the left if I got hard on the brakes, more specifically when pulling up to a red light I'd feel that extra drag while my foot was on the pedal, and when I'd put on more pedal pressure, say at 5-7 mph, it would pull left.
So I pulled the wheels and looked at the pads, and they have many miles left. The rotors have no grooves, and any of the four look like the rest. Only 8000 miles on them. At speed, if I'd get on it, I'd feel the pull, but nothing unsafe. And only when approaching a stop does it become a surprise. Since I don't drive it often I'm not worried as it's such a small pull at any real speed. I don't feel unsafe, But......
I washed it yesterday and noticed that the left front wheel was much dirtier than the others, with the left rear next dirtiest. Right side minimal dirt. So that raises the question of why.
Is there something about these spiders brakes as a whole that have this problem? Or.....
Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to have some mechanic 'find' an issue that I might be able to correct. And next weekend we are going to an Alfa event in the Orlando area and want to have no issues.
Thanks in advance for the help. Please......

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ghartrum Avatar
ghartrum Greg Hartrum
Ballwin, MO, USA   USA
You may want to check your brake calipers, I would say the ones that are the dirtiest are working the hardest. The pistons can freeze up from sitting, this often happens to cars that are parked for long periods of time.

GBGary Avatar
GBGary Gold Member Gary R
Burbank, CA, USA   USA
1963 Morgan Plus 4 (+4)
1969 Alfa Romeo Spider
1972 MG MGB "Frankenstein"
1972 Rover 3500 "Bertie"    & more
You may want to have your flex lines to the front brakes replaced. This is not an expensive operation and well woth the effort. I had a similar condition when I purchased my car and found out the internals of the flex hose were not allowing fluid to travel evenly through the system. BTW, I'd replace all the fluid while you're at it as, at least my car, seems to collect moisture pretty fast.

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